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Governmental Bonds - Emerging Markets


Are you interested to discuss about Emerging Markets Governmental Bonds with other investors? Share your view in this Community. The forum deals both with individual bonds and ETF; in any currency.

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  • mrbochin


    • 7 months ago
    Dominican Republic Bond 8.90% 2023-02 DOP USP3579EBZ99
    Hi, I am currently working on a book about the relationship between Dom Rep Bond in the secondary market vs the public debt. ..It's there a place where I could see the historical chart besides Bloomberg (can't afford it ) my email is xxx thanks for your help.
  • Harris


    • 10 months ago
    Oman Bond 6.75% 2048-01 USD XS1750114396
    I wonder.. why there is sudden big fluctuations in the price of this bond ?
  • Pipo


    • 1 year ago
    Brazil Bond 5.625% 2047-02 USD US105756BY51
    Why they did not yet pay the interest, due on 21-08-2018?
    Does anybody know?
  • InvestopoliNews


    • 2 years ago
    Hi Jay, thanks for your question. This bond has two isin codes USP3579EBZ99 (RegS) and US25714PDX33 (144A). The 144A is for qualified institutional investors in the United States, while RegS version is for investors outside the United States.
  • jay


    • 2 years ago
    Dominican Republic Bond 8.90% 2023-02 DOP USP3579EBZ99
    what is the difference between US25714PDX33 and the USP3579EBZ99 - aren't the two the same?
  • InvestopoliNews


    • 2 years ago
    Dear Sir, thank your very much for your comment. We have updated the post with the new template which gives more information. The bond was issued on March 8, 2017. Its home exchange is Irish Stock Exchange but it is listed in all the major exchanges. The link for the prospectus is now available in the template. Regarding the price history you can for example look here (Quote in Frankfurt). Its latest price in Frankfurt was 99.40. Best regards.
  • Saleh Al Haj

    Saleh Al Haj

    • 2 years ago
    Oman Bond 6.50% 2047-03 USD XS1575968026
    Dear Sir,
    When was this Bond XS1575968026 issued, where I can look for this bond history
    thank you
    Saleh Al Haj

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