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Corporate Bonds - High Yield


Are you interested to discuss about High Yield (Junk) Bonds with other investors? Share your view in this Community. The forum deals both with individual bonds and ETFs; not investing-grade Corporate securities (excluding Emerging Markets); in any currency.

Share your views and ideas with other investors in the Community. The forum does not require to create user's account and password. Simply submit your comments using your email address, that will not be published. The partecipation to the Community is subject to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


  • Ray


    • 2 years ago
    Goldman Sachs Bond FF Perpetual USD US38148BAD01
    Where may current pricing on this security be obtained. I've been trying to independently verify the brokers information. The security has no trading symbol. Any assistance will be appreciated.
    Thank you
  • Terry


    • 2 years ago
    Charles Schwab Bond FF% Perpetual USD US808513AR62
    can I find this bond on any exchange, so that I can follow its price
  • OldMan


    • 2 years ago
    Charles Schwab Bond FF% Perpetual USD US808513AR62
    The Bond rating is missing. I am I correct that this bond will pay 5% from now through2027 and then decrease?
  • Sam


    • 2 years ago
    HSBC Bond FF% 2029-06 USD US404280BT50
    can we buy? is it dirt cheap?
  • cpfstock


    • 2 years ago
    Cowen Bond 7.75% 2033-06 USD US2236228043
    Company has been in business for a long time on Wall St. No issues that I can find. Pluses, higher yield and more stable price. Delta, smallness makes them thinly traded.
  • Ted


    • 2 years ago
    China Evergrande Bond 13.00% 2022-11 USD XS1903671854
    I am applying for this bond
    n waiting for the exercise now the trader floor
    anyone know whats going on this, reply me through the email xxx
  • el Zombo

    el Zombo

    • 2 years ago
    Teva Pharmaceutical Bond 4.10% 2046-10 USD US88167AAF84
    Is there a call-up moment for this bond?
  • Curiousity


    • 3 years ago
    Prudential Bond 4.875% Perpetual USD XS1700429480
    Does anyone know what's the reason for Prudential to issue this bond to raise $750mil of funds? What's the purpose of this fund?
  • InvestopoliNews


    • 3 years ago
    Hi Hamid, we could not find a web or email. In this link you can find precise issuer name and LEI Wish you a nice weekend!
  • hamid


    • 3 years ago
    Maturitas Securitisation SA Bond SU% 2038-12 EUR CH0417569289
    could you please send me the full issuer's name?
    I will try to contact!

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