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About Us

We are a blog of investment research, where investors and traders can share their views and ideas. The website is completely free and without advertising.


The website is well known for providing a selection of newly issued bonds. Now thanks to the new version of the website we will do our best to publish regular updates, possibly on a daily basis.


We would like to share some investment ideas on a wide range of instruments, including bonds, stocks, certificates, funds, ETFs, ETNs, commodities and currencies.


Share articles and comments with your friends through your social networks. Share your views and ideas with other investors in the Community. The forum does not require to create user's account and password. Simply submit your comments using your email address.


We assign multiple categories to facilitate articles search. Among these categories we use assets types, industry sectors, geography, currencies and other classifications. Find the articles by category using the main menu, the search box, or the links at the bottom of the articles. You can also search the articles using codes, tickers or words that are part of their body.